Welcome to the Young Sisters Initiative: A Guide to a Better You (YSI)! online program. The YSI Program is designed to provide African American YBCS (young breast cancer survivors are women diagnosed under 45 years of age) with important information about how to cope with having breast cancer as a young woman, dealing with fears of recurrence, concerns about fertility and sexual dysfunction, and ways to cope with the side effects of breast cancer treatment. The YSI Program provides information relevant for young women who are newly diagnosed, in treatment, and post treatment.


This online program offers you access to a shortened (or abridged) version of each section of the YSI Guide. Each section also includes access to the downloadable PDF version of the YSI Guide, as well as in-depth information on special topics related to breast cancer in young women that may be helpful to you.


This secure and easy-to-navigate program was developed by Sisters Network® Inc.

If you are newly diagnosed, in treatment, or post treatment, click on the appropriate box below for an introduction to the YSI Program.