About the YSI Program

The Young Sisters Initiative: A Guide to a Better You! (YSI) is an online program designed to provide African American YBCS (young breast cancer survivors are women diagnosed under 45 years of age) important information about breast cancer and treatment; genetic testing for breast cancer; how to cope with emotional issues associated with cancer diagnosis and treatment; and sexual and reproductive health issues that may arise at the time of diagnosis, during treatment, and in survivorship.

Who Developed the Online Young Sisters Initiative Program?

The YSI Program was developed by Sisters Network® Inc. The YSI Program is informed by findings from formative evaluation with YBCS on how to improve Sisters Peer Counseling in Reproductive Issues After Treatment (SPIRIT), a previously developed workbook for African American breast cancer survivors. Findings from formative evaluation with YBCS provided the evidence to guide development of the YSI online program and guide.

Who Created the Young Sisters Initiative Program Materials?

The YSI online program and materials were created by Sisters Network® Inc. The materials were reviewed and modified by a team of experts in the fields of breast cancer, cancer and genetics, women’s health, mental illness, and cancer health disparities, and tested with members of the target audience of African American YBCS. The YSI Program advances the mission of Sisters Network® Inc.—to provide psychosocial and reproductive health information to African American YBCS.

What is Sisters Network® Inc.?

Sisters Network® Inc. is a leading voice and the only national African American breast cancer survivorship organization in the United States. It is governed by an elected board of directors and assisted by an appointed medical advisory committee. The network has 3,000 members and has more than 40 affiliate survivor-run chapters nationwide. Its purpose is to save lives and provide a broader scope of knowledge that addresses breast cancer survivorship issues among African American women around the country. Sisters Network® Inc. is nationally recognized among leading medical establishments and breast cancer physicians, and is also recognized as a critical information resource for African American women.

How Can I Learn More About Sisters Network® Inc.?

You can learn more about Sisters Network® Inc.’s mission and programming for African American women at http://www.sistersnetworkinc.org and through the Sisters Network® Inc. social networking site at http://sistersnetwork.ning.com.

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